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Buying From The House of Diamonds vs. Online Retailers

Diamonds are best experienced when seen, touch, and felt. The brilliance and beauty of a diamond can inspire a multitude of feelings. At House of Diamonds Hawaii, you have the privilege and opportunity to experience these diamonds firsthand. You can look, feel, touch, and compare diamonds side by side.

All diamonds are unique, and even though there are diamonds with the same color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, they do not show the same in person. We like to remind our customers that you are buying into the allure, mystery, and beauty of the diamond and not the certificate. You would want to fall in love with the diamond the same way you fell in love with your significant other.

Comparing diamonds with the same specifications is best done in person, rather than on paper. You want to see the differences of the fire, sparkle, and light return in each diamond. An online retailer just cannot provide that opportunity.

Clarity is an ideal example of how important it is to inspect a diamond with your naked eye. Two diamonds, both graded SI1, could look significantly different when compared side by side. It is important to understand that clarity is a range, a diamond graded SI1 could be on the higher, clearer end of the spectrum or the lower, more included end of the spectrum.

This is why it is imperative to compare diamonds side by side, with the naked eye. One diamond could have a black inclusion in the center of the diamond and the second could have a white inclusion off to the side that could be easily hidden by a prong or bezel and is actually very clean to the naked eye. This is an important distinction and a great value point for the consumer.

In addition to selection and guidance, customer service is also lacking from an online retailer. Important necessities like sizing and cleaning are not available to the customer after the sale. From start to finish, Diamond Syndicate is here to assist you with every step of your diamond buying journey of your engagement ring and important future purchases such as wedding bands, push presents, and anniversary gifts.

Finally, we value a relationship with our customers. Working with a trusted diamond expert who is familiar with your diamond and your setting as well as your personal taste is an invaluable asset. An online retailer cannot provide you the level of personal service a brick and mortar retailer can.

We are proud to provide an extensive selection of diamonds for you to choose from in person with the careful guidance of our trained Diamond Experts. Diamond Syndicate is committed to providing excellent selection, guidance, and service for our customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

House of Diamonds Hawaii vs. Local Retailers
House of Diamonds Hawaii is a wholesaler open to the public. This means that you can acquire a diamond directly from a wholesale diamond distributer, the same way a retail jewelry store would.

Our inventory is by far the largest in Hawaii and the Pacific. You will be able to compare and choose from a wide selection, and โ€˜feelโ€™ each diamond. Other stores would probably not have the diamond you would be looking for, and would show you instead a small selection of random diamonds they have to offer.

We also have special ties and connection within the diamond industry. We are able to acquire rare and exotic diamonds that are reserved for the most reputable companies.

House of Diamonds Hawaii is family owned and operated, and we do not work on commission. Every client is important to us, regardless of the amount spent. We believe in upholding long lasting relationships with our clients. Service and integrity is of the utmost importance to us.

The combination of our unbeatable prices, large inventory, and our special connections, gives us the opportunity to offer you the best value and beauty when it comes to diamonds and diamond jewelry.

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