Clarity Enhanced


Imagine walking into a jewelry store. You buy a diamond ring with a center diamond that has many flaws in it. The gemologist congratulates you, and asks: “Would you like us to make your diamond clearer for free?” Most of us would be delighted to have our diamond appear clearer at no extra charge, but is this possible? Yes, it is! House of Diamonds is proud to introduce Clarity Enhanced Diamonds.


Clarity Enhanced is a process where a diamond with flaws is upgraded to appear clearer than how it was found. These diamonds are 100% naturally mined from the earth, cut and polished, and finally clarity enhanced. There are a few types of methods to make a diamond appear clearer:

Fracture fill – A special silicon-based serum is injected into the diamond to solidify and clear larger fractures (Normally referred to as a Feather). Can be detected by moving a diamond in a light back and forth to reflect a pinkish glaze within the diamond where the process took place.

Laser Drilling – Laser drilling allows us to reach and remove black inclusions that have a heavy effect on a diamond’s clarity appearance. Can be detected by looking at a diamond from the side view and search for a very fine steady line(s) that appears to look like a single spider web 


KM (Special Drill) – A special drilling technique that is performed to reach an undesired inclusion. The special drilling looks like a natural feather rather than an artificial straight channel.


This is a great and important question that is often misunderstood. To understand the value, let us look at the process from the beginning – What was the diamond before the enhancement took place?

Typically, diamonds that have been clarity enhanced were found with a natural grade of SI2 or lower (SI3, I1, I2, I3). They had a value in the diamond market, and were simply enhanced to increase their appearance, and therefore, their salability. A diamond that went through the process of being clarity enhanced is worth at least as much as it was before the treatment. Some argue that the value should be higher since the process cannot be done on any diamond and these diamonds tend to be more desirable than ones that cannot be enhanced. To emphasize on this matter, imagine 2 similar diamonds are being presented to you for the same price. One is eligible to be clarity enhanced, where the other is not. Which one would you buy?

No matter what you decide, we always fully disclose if a diamond has been enhanced or treated in any way. You will also receive the diamond’s grading certificate which will state if the diamond has been enhanced or treated.

We invite you to learn more and even see and compare clarity enhanced diamonds! Please give us a call at (808) 955-3737 to schedule a viewing with our diamond specialist.