Colored Diamonds are rare, and with a revolutionary process called HPHT (high pressure high temperature), we have expanded our inventory to include the most exclusive and rare colored diamonds in the world.

HPHT(High Pressure High Temperature) is a Revolutionary process that attempts to awaken a diamond’s potential in color and appearance. This process uses the exact method nature does to alter a diamond’s color. Nothing is added nor extracted from the diamond. The process involves both high expenses and high risks.

Let us begin by stating that this is NOT a treatment, it is a process. Despite the alteration in the diamond’s appearance, HPHT does not insert anything, nor does the process extract anything from the diamond. The HPHT process engulfs the diamond with high pressure and high temperature, mimicking conditions similar to the environment deep within Earth. Very few diamonds, with the proper unique elements trapped within, may be eligible for this rare process. Even after approved, there are risks involved, as a diamond may crack or shatter during the process. In addition, the diamond’s color is not guaranteed, as this process merely awakens a diamond’s full potential. Nevertheless, the color achieved is permanent. These various risk factors point out how extraordinary these diamonds truly are, making them very unique and limited in comparison with treated diamonds. Other diamonds that go through a treatment are easily detected, and are not necessarily permanent. HPHT diamonds are indistinguishable from Natural-Origin diamonds in appearance and elemental composition.

They are very rare. Statistically, roughly 2% of all cut and polished diamonds are eligible for the process. Even after selection, the success of the process is entirely reliant upon the diamond’s attributes – we cannot control the color results. We can only predict which color would stand out based on the chemical elements traced within the diamond. Most diamonds that are processed acquire a faint non-desirable color. However, some color changes result in an extraordinary display of Vivid Yellow, Pink, Red, Green and Blue. The color saturation, combined with the diamond’s luster and fire, presents an amazing gemstone unrivaled by any other in beauty and luxury.

The general prices for HPHT diamonds are exceptionally low in comparison to the Natural-Origin colored diamonds. Prices of Natural-Origin colored diamonds could vary between thousands and millions of dollars. HPHT Diamonds would cost a tiny fraction of that. The result is an extremely rare and beautiful diamond at an affordable price.